Wear Uniqueness, My Original Turban: VS Turban

Turbans might remind you of the jetsetters of the ‘60s but are actually trendier than ever as Veroniqué Salagean has rocked the look, making it an iconic style statement that is luxurious, modern, timeless and fashionable

a Luxury Turban beyond imagination

Imagine yourself wearing the original, the essence of first turban ever created in history, a unique and special turban that makes You feel regal and stand out in the crowd. A masterpiece made of infinite love and care, a luxurious turban expertly handmade of fine fabrics for a long lifetime. This magnificent luxury turban is envisioned first in the mind of world’s first Turban Designer then designed on the paper and then made. Holding heart’s finest attributes and a drop of Aura from Veroniqué Salagean, the luxurious turban is incredibly created for you and to your specific head size measurement. In other words, it is specially made for You! One of the reasons, we also refer to VS Turban as a real luxury turban because it is wealthy and truly complimenting.

From countless hours of work perfectly made to precision with three quality control checks, a turban that has no comparison, a luxury turban of value. It makes you feel unique and special, confident, important with high rank and regal. All you must do is desire it and just wear it as the designer herself would say that.

collection of Designer Turbans

Presented to you in two collections of designer turbans for women and designer turbans for men, VS Turban is the turban to fulfil your wishes. Expertly handmade for You and ready to be worn, we refer designer turban for women and designer turbans for men, because behind each luxurious turban is an enormous time investment. Inside each VS Turban are your wishes, specifications, requirements, and this luxurious turban wears your favourite colour and fabric. Soon to be liked and adored by you, greatly being prepared in London VS’s atelier, every single detail counts and ultimately being delivered in a securely sealed box to you.  Moreover, to be found in the London based Turban House, a reign of unique designs destined to form a collection of designer turbans for women and designer turbans for men. Every luxurious turban from these collections is to be worn with pride and grandeur as of its essence from 1000 B.C.  Either you are a male or female in the world that likes uniqueness and regality, VS Turban is the Turban for You. A Turban that makes You feel Unique and Special, and which only compliments you.

The Turban Reign, VS Turbans label proudly offers designer turban for man for the most beautiful and extravagant male in the world that likes to be stylish and trendy.

Certainly, you can have made a luxurious turban, a trendy turban yet timeless to be worn for the rest of your life. Imagine a royal blue turban made specially for you by Veroniqué Salagean wearing fine strips of beaded fabric in light grey colour. This Turban is for someone truly extravagant because this luxurious turban also wears three tall exotic feathers on the back. Moreover, we liked The Star Turban, a leather turban in black gracefully displaying magnificent layers that demanded attention and respect. Having attached a magical string of pearls on the forehead, a luxurious turban in the collection designer turbans for men.

Thinking to order a bespoke turban by Veroniqué, you should clearly know what you like and any details. It is the world’s first Turban Designer dedication to make you the perfect turban. A portrait picture always helps, picture of fabric, colour and four words that describe your turban. You should desire a beautiful extravagant turban or a simple, yet elegant one. Veroniqué Salagean makes anyone feel unique, special and regal from countless hours of envisioning and making your turban.

My Wedding Turbans

Elegance and splendour of unique turbans that define the collection of wedding turbans in white or cream colours and many other colours for the guests. Either you are the bride, groom or guest, Veroniqué Salagean creates you the most elegant and beautiful turban. Your wishes and requirements at the core of it, countless hours of envisioning and making, VS Turban is The Turban. All you must do is desire the VS Turban and send an email with your requirements, colour, fabric, style and 4 words that describe Yours to be Turban. A picture of yours very much helps the designer to perfectly create the turban for you.

A collection of weeding turban for women will include tall or low height turbans, with any adornments to have like crystals, pearls, diamonds, precious metals and veils. Choosing to have a complex turban for your wedding, Veroniqué Salagean will request to see a picture of you wearing the wedding dress. Keep in mind that the turban must compliment you and the entire look or outfit. We refer here to the outfit as some brides like to have at least two dresses besides the wedding dress. Moreover, it is perfectly accepted to wear your turban to the wedding after-party dress or having another turban for that particular dress. To conclude, you must contact VS Turbans at least three months in advance for your bespoke order.

Supreme, Extravagant and Majestic are words that describe the VS Turbans ‘s collection of wedding turbans for men. Following same procedure of a bespoke order for your turban, enough time must be allowed so your turban to be created, made and delivered on time for your wedding. Your head size measurement plays a major role, so when taking your head size measurement make sure the tape over the ears has a comfortable fit. In other words, take your head size measurement as if wearing the VS Turban. Your email must be clear and precise on what you like and want also to support the request with some pictures that will help Veroniqué understand your wishes.

a Bespoke Luxury Turban

Bespoke means specifically made for you, Luxury means value and memorable experience. Turban means a unique high making item, made of foundation, material, sewing and holds mystery.

Bespoke Luxury Turban is a turban specifically and specially made for you of value and memorable experience. This is exactly what defines the masterpiece turban VS Turban. And we do prefer Veroniqué Salagean‘s turban because it holds the essence of first turban ever created in history by her soul in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt.

Either you prefer a simple turban or an extravagant turban, Veroniqué Salagean will make the turban for you. It is fully brought from her soul and finest heart’s attributes that flow through her hands into a unique and special turban.

The benefits of wearing VS Turban are of making you feel unique, special and regal. Also, it boosts your confidence and make you stand out in the crowd. You will have the feeling of creativity, wealth, power and leadership. VS Turban is so much more than just a turban, but we refer to it as the best turban on the planet.

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