My Turban, 3 Best Ways to Wear

Wearing my Turban in 3 best ways everywhere I go. A stylish turban to wear it with my best outfits.

‘Turban - Wear it Like a Crown’

‘One of the reasons why I love my work of unique special turbans is because I make them to be worn like a Crown. At VERONIQUÉ SALAGEAN TURBANS I make sure that each magnificent turban masterpiece is made to make You feel Unique, Special, Regal and stand out in the crowd.’

- And we can’t agree more because we wore it and we felt it all!

Countless hours of envisioning, designing, and making dedicated to each turban, male turban or female turban, Veroniqué also adds a drop of her Aura. Fine-quality fabrics handpicked that are maneuvered, ready to be draped around the luxurious turban, VSTURBAN. So, imagine styling it with your favourite outfit in your favourite colour. At entering in a building, doors get opened and rooms turn silent. Letting the magnificent turban take care of you its what will adjust your posture and good attitude. A turban of regality, prestige and wealth, words that define Veroniqué ‘s work.

To sum up, VERONIQUÉ SALAGEAN TURBAN wears its essence from 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt when the designer’s soul created for the first turban in history, now the globally renowned VSTURBAN.

' An accessory with it’

‘When I wear my turban, I like to partner it with my jewellery, with a brooch or perhaps with a scarf or a tie. It can match its style, design or colour theme. Also, when wearing an extravagant turban, I tend to wear minimal earrings style or simply ball stud earrings. And perhaps match the turban with an elegant ring or something that approaches the turban’s style look.’

We have all seen people wearing clothes with a headdress, scarf, veils, caps, or any headwear that displays an entire appearance of a rainbow. In your outfit, there must be a coordination between colours and style. It was a saying of wearing maximum of three colours in your outfit and we say that it should all partner.

Your decision

Therefore, if this is challenging for you than we certainly recommend matching your turban with an accessory. You may have and wear the rest of the look in one colour. For example, imagine you have a long sleeves top with a pair of jeans in same tone of blue or white. A pair of blue ballerinas and a mini handbag or simply a shopper bag in daker blue, in black or white. In this case, you will wear your turban of a daytime style in cotton fabric. Accessories it with a necklace or with your handbag or a jewellery that you may have.

The main idea is to keep it of a good taste and your appearance looking good. Anyhow, we do believe that once you own the VSTURBAN, ideas will emerge in your mind. Afterwards, you will style yourself fabulously every time.

‘Same as the turban’

‘You must know that each turban has got a story behind its design. And each story has got a world. Therefore, I have my shoes or handbag in exact same colour, fabric or style as the turban.’

There is nothing more of wealth symbol and upper class, but a wardrobe that has at least one outfit specially made for you which falls into a bespoke order. So, would I like to have my turban made of tweed fabric just as my Chanel ballerinas? – Yes, I do, why not? Or do I want my Dior handbag in the same colour or style as my turban? - Yes, I do, why not?!

Your style

How about your Manolo Blahnik mules in a blue leather fabric just as the turban? It is absolutely acceptable to have your turban and one other accessory in the same fabric or colour. In this case, Veroniqué will wear the rest of her outfit in an opposite colour or fabric. So, monochrome outfit with a turban same as one other accessory. The idea behind this appearance is so emphasise turban’s presence. And to partner it as creating a look on its own.

To conclude, VERONIQUÉ SALAGEAN TURBAN is the Turban for you, especially if you become friend with it. Because it is created to only compliment you. It takes care of your appearance as long as you let it be. Here, we are speaking about your attitude towards it, therefore its attitude towards you. And do partner it with some other accessory. It is very important to let it be.

If you have any unclarities about how to wear or style it, simply ask yourself the question. The next morning you shall know the answer. Otherwise, try different outfits with your mirror. Keep changing clothing items and accessory to see what you like and how you like to appear. Remember, style is everything and it is important to know very well your tastes.

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