Meet my Turban because I love it: VS Turban

We all desire a luxury turban and we see it at times in public. Sometimes we meet World's First Turban Designer and offer compliments without knowing who she is. ...At times, we meet a luxury turban that is VS Turban and certainly we recognise it because it is a beautiful turban, a stylish turban, it is a trendy turban yet timeless. Why do we desire the VS Turban and we look up to Veroniqué Salagean?

My Turban

It catches our eyes from far, we desire... get close to it, feel to treasure it... then, we lift it as a precious jewel that is a value turban and we place it as a Crown - It is the VS Turban in a beautiful show room. VS Turban is so much more but a luxury turban, the best turban on the planet. It is the best turban because it wears fine-quality fabrics, it holds a drop of Aura from Veroniqué and her finest heart's attributes. You wear it and something changes around you, as if a glowing radiance has embraced you from its magnitude and its power. You love your luxurious turban, the feeling of wealth that you ever desired, it is in your turban.

And what do I wear when asked? - VS Turban, my ever-beloved turban, my luxury turban of wealth, creativity, power and leadership.

How do I wear My Turban?

Now I end up having a collection of VS Turbans... imagine 8 turbans in your dressing room, an exhibition of turbans! A red turban adorned with transparent red pearls, gracefully showing a shimmer side. Veroniqué has placed the pearls on this beautiful turban so carefully and creatively! I can see on the left-hand side, I have a trendy turban made of fine leather in grey colour with a pearls tail coiled around just like an exotic snake proudly to be taken for a walk. Anyhow, today I feel to wear the best turban of all, because I love animal and reptiles prints, so Veroniqué made me a trendy turban in a white python fabric. 

I choose to wear a pair of white denim jodhpurs with a turtleneck off-white top and high knee boots with this beautiful turban. But my boots perfectly match my turban's style and material. I will have a mini off-white handbag so to compliment the look. I also fancy an off-white jacket to match my handbag. I wear a pair of transparent ball stud earrings and a big white gold ring on my little finger. And now I am ready to start my day!

What Is it?

Something that is unexplainable… but eyes on the streets are following me as I am walking to my business meeting. I am wearing a value turban, the best turban on the planet and certainly all the eyes that I meet know that. In fact, I love the feeling that it produces, of a celebrity, I am someone with high rank. To manoeuvre it, now I find it so easy since I wore it twice before. But, the feeling of a pure luxury turban made of wealth is persistent, yet powerful. Therefore, all you must do is just desire the luxury turban VS Turban and then just wear it as Veroniqué Salagean herself would say that.

a Piece of Art

Historically and truthfully speaking, coming from Veroniqué 's past as her soul created the first turban in history in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt - the Turban involves countless hours of work, and it is made in stages because It Is the crown descendent!

When we create a turban, all what we count is the passion, powerful dedication and focus to every single detail right to the pain feeling in our shoulders and upper back. We forget about time or a sip of water. In our studio in London, you feel an unexplained tension of magic and perfection. It is done through precision, our fingers may bleed at times, there is no rush but the luxury pace.

The world's first Turban Designer Veroniqué Salagean recounts that when she started, her vision of the brand was the size of the Universe and in her policy was to be used pure natural fibers. The luxury turban is guaranteed to last a long lifetime. Moreover, as the designer attests, generation after generation will benefit from the value turban made by her, being taken to auctions and museums. This is her vision of the new world's sustainability.

I Adore Adore Adore it

Now you have a closer understanding of main details and as much I will wear it, I still can’t get enough of it. This is because it is not just a luxury turban made with infinite love and care, but the original turban. If you ever thought that a turban comes from somewhere else, I promise, you haven’t wore the VS Turban, this incredible value turban that is beyond anything you had worn ever before. It holds the feeling of heritage, wealth, creativity, power and leadership, all in one, but the designer’s finest heart’s attributes that are absolutely irreplaceable. Can you imagine, it comes from Veroniqué ‘s soul back in 1000 B.C. Cairo, Egypt, a value turban so to be called the best turban on the planet.

Moreover, I have friends that own a VS Turban and they only wear this value turban and they had experienced same as me by wearing the best turban ever. I would say, always compliment it with something, like match it with another item or jewelleries. On the other hand, what I like and this comes from Veroniqué Salagean ‘s advice, I will make the beautiful turban stand out in my look. So, if I wear grey colours as a whole outfit than I will have a red turban or white turban, just something that will have a style friendship yet my unique turban to stand out in the outfit.

In conclusion, VS Turban is for absolutely anyone and anyone can wear it since there aren’t rules from World’s First Turban Creator Veroniqué Salagean.

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